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Nate Davis & Jason Dernay

The Art of Adaptation (Podcast)

In its second season, The Art of Adaptation Podcast has 8 interviews with artists in a variety of disciplines to discuss how their lives and livelihoods were impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic. By providing a platform for artists to speak their minds, we learn about the struggles, triumphs, and adaptations of creative workers as they overcome a changing world.

With the help of the CREATE Microgrant program, Nate and Jason were able to afford quality audio editing software, update their recording equipment, and purchase hosting rights for their website to remain public. Additionally, the ability to pay for their own work is a valuable asset for artists. Art has value, therefore, artists deserve compensation for their work. Therefore, they were able to make time available in their schedules without the fear of compromising or risking their other projects and responsibilities. Throughout the process of creating the podcast, they have learned how important embracing change is to creativity and collaboration. As creators and performers themselves, they tried to take a step back and let the interviewees drive the conversation and listen to them. The world is full of passionate, creative people, and the opportunity to hear their stories is an important part of moving forward with artistic reconstruction during the Covid-19 pandemic. The CREATE Microgrant program provides an opportunity for students to venture into content creation without sacrificing quality or financial risk at a vulnerable time. The ability to discuss important matters and the changing world allows students to have real-world experience while still exploring their education. Having tangible creations is a strong portfolio builder and provides a learning process for students to discover their working styles through realistic pressures. Many collegiate opportunities are systemically discriminatory, requiring a large time devotion without compensation, which only privileged and financially well-off people can afford. Due to the systemic advantages of wealth, providing adequate funding for small artistic, meaningful ventures gives an opportunity to level the playing field for creative students without the sacrifice or risk associated. Additionally, the flexibility provided by the CREATE program allows for students to choose a medium that best fits their artistic vision and credentials, allowing for a wide variety of differentiated and cohesive visions.